Jay Scott's Collection

2015 Pointsettia

While visiting my parents for Christmas it was a fine time to try out the new Lensbaby my wife got me as a gift. I had always been curious about it, and was told it had a steep learning curve. It didn't take long before I had the gist of it figured out, added some light and now have another unique tool for images that call for something a little more dreamy.

Blue Wisps - 2

Blue Wisps - 1

Congratulations Bouquet 5

My parents bought a nice bouquet to congratulate my wife on her first day of working in her home office. I enjoyed shooting the flowers.

Forestry Farm Thunderchild Crab Apple - 1

Our Thunderchild is just as nice, just that the lack of wind and perfect positioning made shooting this one at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm much easier.

Bleeding Hearts

As always, the bleeding hearts in our front yard are lovely this time of year.

Orange Backyard Lilies

Short lived but beautiful, the lilies in our back yard please me each year.

Backyard Pink Lilies

Our lilies are so lovely but so short-lived. Better keep shooting them while they stand.

Cabin Lilies

To match the decor in my parents' living room, I made a photo that may be chosen for their wall. That it was made at their cabin was fitting.

Frosty Thunderchild Crabapples 1

Frosty Thunderchild Crabapples 2

Robin Smith Memorial Garden Abstract

Playing with some abstract. Love it or hate it, I have to try something and start somewhere if it is ever to develop into something worth looking at.

Robin Smith Memorial Garden HDR

Beautifully covered in leaves, soon to be covered in snow.

Orange Lily

White Rose

Midnight Rose

10th Anniversary Roses 2

Aged Roses - 1

The last two roses from the bunch were still worthy of shooting so I made a few macro shots of them.

Fall Fruits

Osteospermum Hybrid

Afternoon Rose

Simple Beauty

Heart Within a Heart

Peonies at the Forestry Farm 2

Early peony shooting at the Forestry Farm. A bit busy with school year-end trips at the park, but the cooperative insects made up for it.

Enchanted Pond Lily

Our lilies bloomed early this year so I was in a bit of a hurry to come up with, and execute, and idea for a unique photograph. This one came together nicely with only one rain day delay (first time we had real rain in Saskatoon this year) and I have an idea for the other variety we have beautifully blooming in our backyard.

Orange Lily Drop

Serendipity Daisies